relax, I know how to make cement (telesilla) wrote in sacto_eats,
relax, I know how to make cement

La Trattoria Bohemia

I've been living in East Sac since 2001 and I much have driven by La Trattoria Bohemia hundreds of times and thought "I need to try this place someday." Finally, last night my girlfriend and I tried it and loved it. The food--we had the special: salmon with asparagus in dill sauce over homemade pasta--was fantastic, the service excellent and the atmosphere was comfortable. Granted with both of us trying the same thing, we didn't get a good sampling of the menu, but what I saw of the pizzas looked excellent and the couple next to us liked their meal a great deal. The wine list is modest but well rounded and they have a nice selection of European beer. It was a little pricey--$50 before the tip for two meals, bottled ice tea, and one dessert--for an "I don't feel like cooking" night out, but would be perfect for a night when you feel like splurging or celebrating in a nice low key atmosphere. Typical of a California restaurant, I felt comfortable in jeans, but if I'd been a little more dressed up I wouldn't have felt out of place.
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