danielle (superxhightech) wrote in sacto_eats,


hello, sacramento.

i'll be coming home to sacramento for thanksgiving...first time since i moved away, and i'm quite excited! i'm taking the meal into my own hands, and well, i could use some direction for where to find certain things.

1. a brioche loaf. could anybody recommend a bakery where i could find one? i'm using it for the stuffing, so i'm just looking for something plain, and of good quality.

2. vino. i might take care of this before i leave portland (tax free booze, yay.), but in case i don't, i'd like to have an address or two for a good wine store that would be able to help me with pairings according to my menu. friendly, knowledgeable and honest staff is always a plus.

3. a farmers market/somewhere other than whole foods where i can find great, fresh, unique and ideally local produce. namely heirloom carrots and radishes as well as herbs and greens.

4. also, just for the record, are there any specialty grocery stores you love? bakeries? etc? educate me on what is going on in the food snob world of my home town.

um, and if this post isn't fit for this community, please feel free to direct me elsewhere.

thanks for your help :)
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